The MIA-POW Vietnam War Bracelet was an idea started by two college students in the 70's. The bracelets became the name of an individual soldier and the date he was listed as missing. Even today, people still wear the bracelets as a silent reminder of a soldier who did not come home. The filmmakers want to know why. 


Recently, the producer met a woman whose brother was reported missing in 1966. Forty-four years later his remains were found and returned to his family. A family friend wore his bracelet for forty-four years. It too was returned. This story along with others will become the fabric of MIA: Stories of the Vietnam War Bracelet.

The infographic below shows why it is urgent for us to tell these stories. With hundreds of Vietnam veterans passing away every day, we will not have their perspectives on, and participation in, this cause in just a few years’ time.   

vietnam mia s infographic 2.png