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What is the Project?

MIA: Stories of the Vietnam War Bracelet is a film project dedicated to the MIA soldiers of the
Vietnam War. The film will serve those who once served us by telling the stories of these
soldiers through interviews with friends and family members and with people who still wear
the Vietnam War Bracelet today. During Vietnam many young men were drafted directly from
High School or College. The average age of all our soldiers who served was 22.


Goals of the project

  • Generate donations to support and sustain the project

  • Spread awareness of Vietnam MIA Veterans

  • Share the stories of these soldiers

  • Bring closure to friends, family and other Vietnam bracelet wearers

  • Help to bring these soldiers HOME

What are the Vietnam War Bracelets?

The POW/MIA bracelets were initially introduced in the 1970's by two college students. Their goal was to increase public awareness about the Americans who were still prisoners, missing, and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War. Their organization was called Voices of Vital America (VIVA)


The bracelets are 1/2 inch wide and bear the name, rank, service branch, and date of loss of an individual solder. At the time they were introduced, the cost of the bracelets was $2.50 for the nickel-plated bracelets and $3.00 for a copper bracelet. On Veterans Day, November 11, 1970, the bracelet program was officially kicked off and public response grew so quickly that up to 12,000 requests for bracelets were coming in daily.


The National League of POW/MIA Families was formed to obtain the release of all prisoners, with the fullest possible accounting for the missing and the repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation in Southeast Asia. 

Today their mission remains the same. The National League of Families is the only national organization comprised solely of the close relatives of US servicemen and civilians still missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

The threefold goal of the National League of Families still remains


  1. the return of live prisoners

  2. the fullest account for the missing

  3. the repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died while serving our Nation in Southeast Asia.


The number of Americans Missing and Unaccounted for from the Vietnam War

Get Involved

The creators of this project are seeking financial help and support from individuals and organizations to fund our ongoing efforts.

Ways we're looking for involvement

  • Corporation sponsorships and affiliations

  • Individual sponsors and donors

  • Businesses who support and serve veterans

  • Individuals who served or were affiliated with the Vietnam War

  • Introductions to Veterans groups and associations


We are extremely thankful to our supporters and donors that help keep this cause alive. Our mission is simply not possible without your generosity and support.

Creators of the Project


Roger Cluxton


Peggy Kennedy


Nic Cluxton
Creative Director

Contact Us!

We'd love to hear from you!

Roger is a video and live event producer for corporations and major brands. He developed a documentary film for the Department of Energy that highlighted defense efforts during the cold war. His second documentary earned a Telly Award and was aired on PBS.

Peggy has been a Senior Vice President for major advertising agencies where she produced strategic marketing campaigns across all media platforms. She has written two screenplays, produced several musical revues and has developed a web-based entertainment and e-commerce concept. 

Nic works directly with many world-leading brands creating content for digital media campaigns and social media platforms. Nic's role in this project is to help build and manage content across multiple platforms to help spread awareness and get others involved in the project.


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